“Satisfied and happy customers are key to success”…. Understand the philosophy of customers to keep them happy.

Digital Age Nepal was established with a vision to develop innovative Solutions and serving to all with dynamic Solution. Today, Digital Age Nepal is an emerging organization serving the financial institutions in Nepal, however we are on the way to touch lives of every individual and making the change in the society.

The eminence that we have formed during the short timeline, the overwhelming response from our customers and the potential customers expecting to tie up with our Solution has encouraged us to think and create versatile solutions for the next generation.

Digital Age Nepal is committed to provide quality services to our clients. Digital Age Nepal is determined to inspire the youth generation to bring the best out of them. It is a small step with a dream to make our youth realize their importance for their nation at the same time being proud of their innovations.

We are thankful to our team, our customer who trusted us, which has certainly made us feel much more responsible, and motivated to cater further with more inventions.

AML Solution “CPFDS” – Customer Profiling and Fraud Detection System

Customization on KYC and AML System as per Individual Country Central Bank Policies and Guidelines