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CPFDS” was developed with a vision understanding the importance and need of the AML Solution. No User Limitations Flexibility and Scalability System Limitation is dependent on the type of server being provided by an organization Direct Integration with CBS for Live or near real-time surveillance. Complete Rule Based Module which allows user to set up […]

DB Screening

CPFDS is the Analytical Solution which gives the specified alerts of suspected transactions. Based on the alerts, the solution helps customer to identify the Suspicious Transaction in order to report to the central bank. The alerts are triggered based on Transaction, Digital Transaction, Customer details, Cards, ATM and cross boarder transaction etc. The detail provided […]

KYCMS – KYC Management Solution

KYC Management System is the complete solution of managing, maintaining, updating the KYC of the Individual and Corporate Customers. The dynamic and system-driven solution has the capacity that can be set and can perform to demand the KYC data based on the customer nature. Verification of the Customer, Screening PEP/Sanction, Customer Due Diligence are the […]

Data Validator

Data Validator is the tool from where the users can easily verify whether the data is valid to the required norms or not. This process helps the users to quickly solve analyzing the large data and reduce the timeframe to identifying the valid data.

Online Account Opening Solution

Customer Screening Solution has capability to search and screen the individual and or corporate organizations from the big Database like Accuity and WorldCheck Data Base, UN Sanction, OFAC and Pep list. The super easy handling feature helps the users to identify and verify the suspected customers in a systematic order. The log maintenance system is […]

Online Video KYC

VKYC is the next solution from where the bank can now communicate with their customers for any kind of virtual video interactions. The users and the banking customers can meet virtually, weather the purpose is to open and account, process for the loan or for any kind of services where the bank customers can choose […]

Omni Channel Onboarding Solution

The Omni Channel Customer On-boarding solution has been designed to help the users to onboard the customers smoothly. This process helps the Financial Institutions to identify the critical customers that can create complications to the bank. It is high risk for the bank if the customers are not verified prior to onboarding. The system holds […]