CPFDS” was developed with a vision understanding the importance and need of the AML Solution.

  • No User Limitations
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • System Limitation is dependent on the type of server being provided by an organization
  • Direct Integration with CBS for Live or near real-time surveillance.
  • Complete Rule Based Module which allows user to set up policies and standards through which system can fully function based on the organization’s protocol.
  • Complete KYC Module with Auto Generation Engine of KYC Risk Grading
  • Dynamic Transaction Monitoring Module
  • User management/ Security and Audit Management Module
  • Alert Management Module
  • Workflow process
  • Case Management Module
  • STR Reporting
  • TTR Reporting
  • Go AML Reporting
  • Dynamic Report Generation Engine

“CPFDS” features built in Standard Modules like :

  • KYC
  • AML- Transaction Monitoring Module
  • Biometric Verification Module
  • DataBase Screening Module
  • Risk Profiling Module
  • Go AML Reporting – TTR and STR
  • KYC and AML subjective MIS Reporting Module

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